The Women History Makers Project: Video Promo

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Through an interview series, Women For Action recognizes the advancements made by women by championing the work of women-firsts, award-winning subjects and other women of significance. In conjunction with this mission, we announce the Women History Makers Project, an educational video presentation on women change-makers from different backgrounds. This project proposes to create awareness about under-recognized efforts being made by women.

The project will feature a profile on women who have been interviewed by Women For Action ranging from leaders in sports, the nonprofit industry, film, media, arts and business.   Their stories serve as educational instruction to empower 21st century women and girls around the world.  

To follow updates, visit www.womenhistorymakers.com

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In Our Aug/Sept Issue of WFA Times, We explore why a federal holiday for women is needed

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